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Preliminary Probabilistic Fault Displacement Hazard Assessment


Seismic Hazard Assessment PNG

Year: 2022/2023


Seister participates in an international benchmark to test approaches and calculation codes for probabilistic fault displacement hazard assessment in different contexts worldwide. 

PSHA and PFDHA in Nuclear Site

Probabilistic seismic hazard and fault displacement hazard assessments (PSHA and PFDHA) for a new research nuclear reactor.

Client: Pallas                                       Year: 2018/2019

PSHA and PFDHA for a nuclear site located in a low activity region of Western Europe, in order to provide seismic parameters for the conception and seimic design of the new build.

PSHA and PFDHA studies were carried out through an iterative approach compliant with IAEA-SSG9 guidance. 

Uncertainties on the key parameters were carefully characterized and discussed with an expert panel. Through expert elicitation, the adopted input models, the results of the additional investigations and related interpretations were challenged by the project team in order to identify the alternative interpretations and quantify the uncertainties. 

Compliance to the relevant good practice was reviewed by a pee-review expert panel

PSHA and PFDHA for large dam project

Probabilistic seismic hazard and fault displacement hazard assessments (PSHA and PFDHA) for a large
dam in the African Rift Valley.

Client: Tractebel Engineering               Year: 2020/22


Development of a fault portfolio with due quantification of uncertainties to characterize the potential for surface rupture and verify the site suitability according to the requirements of the World Bank.

Assessment of the annual probability of exceedance of spectral accelerations and permanent displacement consistently with the ICOLD guidelines.

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