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KEM-04: Project on 3D Ground motion modelling and data analysis for understanding heterogeneity effects in the Groningen gas field (the Netherlands)

Project sponsor: Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs

Project partners: Fugro, Politecnico de Milano,

GR8-GEO,  Hanze Hogeschool Groningen

Year: 2019/2020


The KEM-04 project aimed at addressing a number of important issues related to the Groningen seismic risk assessment, in particular ground motion modelling (GMM) component. The workflow involved collection and analysis of recorded ground motions, 3D numerical simulations using the SPEED code and the empirical Greens function approach, analysis of local soil response and comparison with the V5 GMM. 


Results are relevant for better understanding spatially varying observations, for constraining uncertainties and for characterizing the spatial variability in ground motion fields.  Importantly, the chosen project approach has shown convincingly that advanced 3D physics-based numerical approaches to characterize earthquake ground motion are feasible and can be a diagnostic tool to understand the relevance of specific geologic conditions.

Finally, the project developed recommendations for the evolution/improvement of the GM component of the hazard and risk model.

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