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Characterizing site-specific ground motion

at great depth for the Cigéo nuclear waste repository project (France)

Client: ANDRA                  Year: 2021/22


Cigéo in the French project for a deep disposal facility of radioactive waste, located in the Eastern part of the Paris Basin, a highly stable geological environment characterized by very low seismicity. In order to quantify seismic hazard at several depths the data collected at the seismic stations on site are processed in order to compute the empirical transfer functions. 

The collected data and the soil profile are used to develop site-specific adjustment factors to ergodic GMM.

Such adjustment factors together with the empirical transfer functions and related uncertainties can be used to remove the ergodic assumption on the site term of GMMs in order to improve classical ergodic seismic hazard assessment for structures at surface and at depth.  

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