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Seismic Hazard and Liquefaction Hazard Assessment for a LNG site in India.

Client: Total Energies                      Year: 2019

Partner: GR8-GEO        


The site lies in the Northern part of the Gulf of Kutch in the Gujarat State and is located in the tectonic zone of convergence and collision between the Indian and the Eurasian plates. Despite a seismic activity more moderate than in the Himalayan belt, the Gujarat state has experienced major earthquakes in a recent past, with moment magnitudes close to Mw 8.


A probabilistic seismic hazard assessment and a 1D soil response analyses were performed to evaluate the modification of the competent soil horizon ground motions as they propagate through the soil profile up to the surface. Given the potential for liquefaction triggering in some of the subsurface layers, both total-stress and effective stress, nonlinear analyses were conducted.

A preliminary assessment of the liquefaction potential was performed in a two steps approach: a simplified liquefaction triggering hazard assessment supplemented by 1-D coupled effective stress site response analyses.

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