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Probabilistic seismic hazard and fault displacement hazard assessments (PSHA and PFDHA) for a new research nuclear reactor in the Netherlands

Client: Pallas               Year: 2018

Detailed probabilistic and deterministic seismic hazard assessments in accordance with international standards and best practice to support the design of onshore and offshore pipelines and facilities distributed over more than 300 km.

The project area is in a complex and highly active seismotectonic environment characterized by a rapid crustal deformation resulting in the occurrence of large magnitude earthquakes. 

Development of earthquake catalogue based on the most up-to-date compilation of data. The alternative seismic source models are based on the consideration of volume sources, faults and subduction plans. Sensitivity studies were carried out in parallel of the SSM and GMM developments to identify at an early stage the key issues and controlling parameters.

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